Community Cooker

The idea for the Community Cooker originated as part of the design, art and theory festival
Das Müllprojekt (The Waste Project), 3 – 18 June 2017, Recyclinghof St. Pauli. Organized by Anke Haarmann, Harald Lemke and Nana Petzet, supported by the Elbkulturfond.

“Collecting separately, burning together” was the header for an entire theme section at a specialist conference of Hamburg’s waste resources business in February 2016. The slogan reveals the topicality of the question, which has concerned all citizens who sort their waste, ever since the so-called dual system has been introduced: “Are the valuable materials that I collect separately actually being recycled?” In Hamburg a large part of the municipal waste ends up in the incinerator, including packaging waste with the Green Dot. Before this backdrop, Nana Petzet came up with the idea of building a local incineration plant on the site of the Recyclinghof St. Pauli, following the example of a type of community cooker developed in Kenia: collectively used cookers fuelled by plastic waste. The furnace designed and realised by 9minus8 *art support and Jochen Weber was tested for the first time on a site on the Veddel in October 2017. Kerstin Kuchta from TU Hamburg took exhaust gas samples during the test incineration.

1 Waste recycling plant Rugenberger Damm, Hamburg 2017

2 Furnace conception and execution 9minus8 *art support and Jochen Weber

3 Test of the Community Cooker on 20 Oct 2017 with Sonja Windmüller, Professor of European Ethnology / Folklore at Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel and Professor of Waste Resource Management at TU Hamburg, Kerstin Kuchta








11 Das Müllprojekt, Recyclinghof St. Pauli: during the festival it was not allowed to use the cooker.

Ill. 1, 11, photos: Helge Mundt
Ill. 2-10, photos: Till Krause