Self-Experiment: Living according to the slogan “Collecting Preserving Researching"

Nylendugata 15, Reykjavik 1997/1998

Domestic waste is produced in the private sphere and then adds up to being a public problem. As early as 1995, Nana Petzet began taking this public problem personally and turned her apartment into a combination of a waste collection point and recycling plant. She achieved the best results in this approach during a half-year stay in Iceland. For six months she collected all the sales packaging accumulating in her four-person household that could be cleaned and stored without causing unpleasant smells. At the end of her stay, Nana Petzet invited the Icelandic art audience to visit her home. This way the extensive collection of waste in the attic, the various repairs and the household items created from waste could be inspected in situ, which means in their natural environment. Based on this accumulation of material, a multifarious potential had been created, which in the context of the apartment, unlike on a rubbish dump, kept its human relation.

Nylendugata, Reykjavik, 1997