System CPR - Cataloging the collection with HIDA-MIDAS

Hamburger Kunsthalle, 2000/2001

The motto of the waste recycling system developed by Nana Petzet, “Collecting Preserving Researching”, describes the core tasks of museums. In the exhibition “Einräumen - Arbeiten im Museum” (Admitting - Working in the Museum) in the Hamburger Kunsthalle in October 2000, Nana Petzet inventoried her collection consisting of several thousand individual pieces of household waste, recycling objects and repaired utilitarian objects using the sophisticated art inventory system HIDA-MIDAS in a work space that had been staged for the museum visitors. Cataloging specialist of the municipal department of cultural affairs, Horst Scholz significantly contributed to the realization of the project by installing the workspace in the Hamburger Kunsthalle and setting up a database tailored specifically to Nana Petzet's collection. The data of 128 objects have been gathered so far. Common packaging waste was thus turned from disposable material into a museologically processed artwork.