Cooperation with the Gallery for Landscape Art:

Edwin-Scharff-Prize 2021 of the Free and Hanseatic City Hamburg:

Light Trap Hamburg at the Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg, March 2022:

Harmas KGV at the Kunsthaus Dresden:

Publication on Light Trap Hamburg:

Publication of the data gathered with Hida Midas on the collection of recycling objects and packaging waste in the art-historical database, photo Marburg:, June 2017

Light Trap Hamburg:

Nana Petzet, Anke Haarmann, Harald Lemke, website for the Art-, Design- and Theory Festival on the grounds of the recycling plant St. Pauli, Hamburg June 3rd - 18th, 2017:

Online lecture as part of the lecture series Light As Artistic Material, HBKsaar, Atelier Hausig: Lichtfalle Hamburg. Blaues Event-Licht & Insektensterben, 25.05.2021